8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 59-60-61-62

1- What is lightning? Match the pictures with the sentences to answer the question. The pictures are in the correct order

1) Electrical charges develop inside a storm cloud. (C)

2) Positively charge datomsgoto the top of the cloud and negative atoms to the bottom. (A)

3) When the negatively charge datom sare at the bottom of the cloud and be come crowded, they jump to another part of the cloud, to a different cloudor to the ground. This jump is electricity and is called lightning. (B)

2- Read the sentences below and put them in the correct column to stay safe in a light ningstorm


Finds helter in a house or a small shed.

Dropany thing you’re carrying that’s made of metal.

Stay low to the ground.

Get away from water, wire fences, washing lines and metal pipes


Fly kites or model planes.

Stay in the car or under a group of trees

Ride a bicycle.

Stay near window sand metal objects, such as radiators.

Use a phone.

Be the tallest thing around.

3- Look at the pictures and solve the an agrams about the natural disasters               









4- Match the head lines with the natural disasters in the boxes

Resim 1: famine

Resim 2: flood

Resim 3: volcanic eruption

Resim 4: disease

Resim 5: drought

5- Complete the sentences with the words below

1) Nobody was on the beach when the tsunami reached the shore.

2) The drought has killed animals because they drink from rivers and streams, but they are now dry.

3) Because of the flood travel is impossible without a boat.

4) When the houses hook, I knew there was an earthquake.

5) The famine is worse this year because thew heat and vegetable crops have both failed.

6) The disease is spreading from village to village, and thousands of people are very ill.

7) Over 30 cm of snow has fallen in two days, so the chance of anavalanche is very high.

8) The hurricane has brough train and winds of 180 km/h.

9) A huge cloud of ash from the volcanic eruption means planes cannot fly near the island.

6.Match the problems (a-h) with the definitions (1-8)

1) when people can’t reador write (D)

2) a large amount of water that causes damage (G)

3) a period when there is norain fall (A)

4) when children work in badly-paidor dangerous jobs (H)

5) when people don’t have any where tolive in (B)

6) therise in the Earth’s temperature (C)

7) fighting between countries and people (F)

8) an illness that affects a person, animal or plant (E)

7- Match the words to make phrases

1.global warming

2.home less people

3.running water

4.medical supplies

5.forest fires

6.natural disaster

8- Complete the sentences using the phrases from Activity 7

1) Temperatures around the world are changing because of global warming.

2) A hurricane is a very destructive natural disaster.

3) Turkey sent food and medical supplies to the earth quake survivors in Nepal.

4) I’m sad when I see homeless people on the streets.

5) After the earth quake, people lived in tent sand didn’t have any running water.

6) Some countries loselots of tree severy summer because of forest fires.

9- Read the sentences and underline the correct word

1) Thet sunami has swept some coastal house sout tosea.

2) A lot of volunteers helped to clean the rubble from the streets.

3) A huge oil spill has damaged the beachesalla cross the southern coast.

4) This charity will send medical supplies to the countries in need.

5) The family lost their home during there cent hurricane.

10- Read the notes about a tornado and write a short news report

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Tornado hakkında yazılmış notları okuyun ve kısa bir haber yazın.


A huge Tornada started lastnight at 03.00 for 30 minutes

25 people injured from Tornado

It damaged homes, cars, shops, crops near the city

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