8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 54-55-56-57

1- Read the text and find the purpose of the text? Circle the correct option/s.

a) to explain virtual reality

2- What can people experience in virtual reality that they can’t in real life yet? Tick (✓) the correct box/es

home enter tainment

space travel


exploring the atom

travelling to other countries

3- What is true about virtual reality?

It’s a fake reality.

It has educational possibilities.

It’s a form of enter tainment.

4.Match thesubjectswiththevirtualrealityexperiences.

taking a virtual trip geography

exploring an atom physics

travelling inside a plant biology

5- Complete the sentences with the correct forms of these words

1) Christopher Columbus discovered America.

2) Do you know who invent the bicycle?

3) They’ve just designed a new computer game called Space Fun.

4) Archaeologists are research the history of the island.

5) Do they test these products on animals?

6. We must continue to explore the depth of the ocean

6- Complete the sentences with the words in the boxes

1) Dr Steward is working in his laboratory.

2) They did a experiment to see if the product is safe.

3) My brother loves making electronic cars at school.

4) There was a(n) explosion, but luckily nobody was hurt.

5) Wow! That robot is amazing! Can it talk?

6) Little scientist is studying with the test tubes in chemistry.

7- Put the words in the boxes in the correct order to answer the question below

The movement of electrons produces a form of energy.

8- Read the text and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false)

1) An atom is a large particle. F

2) The nucleus is the centre of an atom. T

3) A nucleus contains protons, neutrons and electrons. F

4) Protons have a negative charge. F

5) Electrons have a negative charge. T

6) Neutrons have a negative charge. F

7) Electricity happens when electrons reach the atom. F

9- Match the two halves of the sentences and learn about Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Alva Edison

c-1 Benjamin Franklin believed lightning was a natural form of electricity.

b- 2 Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment proved electricity and lightning were the same

a-3 Thomas Alva Edison invented 1093 things in the 1800s.

d-4 Thomas Alva Edison’s most famous invention is the lightbulb


ns 500 years ago. T

4) Patients died because of an aesthetic in the past. F

b) Read thetextagainandchoosethe main idea

b) Surgery was painful a long time ago.

c) Complete the notes according to the text

  • 800 years ago : Local medicine men and shamans treated sick people.
  • 500 years ago: Surgeons operated in front of an audience taught medical students in operating theatres It was painful.
  • 200 yearsago : They invented an aestheticand discovered infection.

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