8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 46-47-48-49-50-51-52

1- Read Ahmet’s letter and find his job

He is a kitchen helper.

2- Read the letter again and answer the questions

1) Where does Ahmet work?

He works in a restaurant.

2) What time does he start work?

He starts work two in the afternoon.

3) What time does he finish?

He finishes ten at night.

4) Does he have to cook?

No, he doesn’t have to do any serious cooking.

5) What does he have to wear at work?

He has to wear a black T-shirt that says ‘The Hungry Horse’.

3- Complete thesentencesabout Ahmet

Ahmet has got a part-time job. He works on Saturdays. He doesn’t mind to work quite late until ten at night because he doesn’t have to get up early. It’s OK for Ahmet to wear a uniform. He helps in the kitchen.He isn’t a cook, so he doesn’t have to cook. At work, he usually was hand cut the vegetables. He also has to make salads, and now he can make quite good salads. He also has to do the washing-up and clean the floor. But he doesn’t have to serve the food or clear the tables. He has to do all his homework on Sunday because he has to work on Saturday.

4- Fill in withthesewords: do, mop, dust, takeout, vacuum, set, iron, make

1) vacuum the carpets                           5) take out the rubbish

2) iron the clothes                                  6) do the washing-up

3) make the bed                                       7) set the table

4) dust the furniture                               8) mop the floor

5- Complete the sentences with these words: send, set, tidy, mop, vacuum, do (x3), take , make, iron, attend

1) Don’t forget to take out the rubbish.

2) Can you set the table for dinner?

3) I have to do the washing-up after lunch.

4) Did you vacuum the carpet yesterday?

5) Whose turn is it to mop the floor?

6) You have to tidy your room before you go out.

7) I always make my bede very morning.

8) Can you please iron my shirt?

9) I’m going to do the laun dry today.

10) Can you do the shopping on your way home?

11) Send me a text message when you get home.

12) We have to attend a concert on Friday night.

6- Match the words to make phrases

1) house hold…..d) chores

2) extreme…..f) sports

3) ironing…..g) board

4) walk…..i) the dog

5) computer…..j) games

6) load…..c) the dish washer

7) dry…..e) the dishes

8) keep…..a) promises

9) arrive…..h) on time

10) obey…..b) the rules

7- Complete the sentences with these words: shopping, keep, surfs, attended, chores, ironing, messages, arrive

1) I don’t mind helping with house hold chores.

2) Julie sends her friends lots of text messages

3) On Saturday mornings, Jasper does the shopping.

4) When she finishes her homework, she surfs the Internet.

5) They attended a rock concert last Friday.

6) I always arrive on time tomy appointments.

7) It’s important to keep your promises to be a reliable person.

8) My sister has just broken the ironing board, sowe have to buy a new one.

8- Choose the correct responses

1) A : Could you please set the table?

B : a) Itlooksgreat. b) Yes, of course.

2) A : Do you mind ironing the clothes?

B : a) Itisn’t OK. b) I’m sorry, but I can’t.

3) A : Do you think you could take out the rubish?

B : a) Sure, no problem. b) That’s not bad.

4) A : Can you mop the floor?

B : a) Yes, there is. b) Yes, sure.

5) A : Could you do the shopping?

B : a) Sure, no problem. b) That’s good.

9- Underline the correct word

1) I can’t/don’t have to work to night. Let’s go to the cinema.

2) He mustn’t/doesn’t have to drive a car. He doesn’t have a licence.

3) Cars should/must stop at the red traffic lights.

4) Could/Should you answer the phone, please?

5) Youcan’t/shouldn’t going to a forest with out an insect repellent.

10- Look at the photo sand write what each person is doing

1) She is mopping the floor.

2) He is chopping the vegetables.

3) She is doing shopping.

4) She is loading the dish washer.

5) He is ironing clothes.

6) She is loading washing machine.

11- Look at Beth’s and Mark’s chores. Fill in with these phrases: have to, has to, don’t have toor doesn’t have to. What about you? Write sentences about yourself in your notebook

1) Beth doesn’t have to the washing-up.

2) Mark has to dust the furniture.

3) Bet and Mark have to make their beds.

4) Mark and Beth don’t have to iron the clothes.

5) Mark doesn’t have to do the laundry.

6) Beth has to take out the rubbish.

7) Beth and Mark have to tidy their rooms.

12) Fill in the gaps with the words/phrases in the list. Then match the sentences to the responses

1) c-Could I take your car tonight?

2) f –You must return these books to the library before the duedate

3) a-You don’t have to buy any apples, we have a lot.

4) c-You mustn’t take photos in the museum.

5) e-Susan can play the guitar really well.

6) b-What time should we leave to catch the first train?

13- Read the text and mark the sentences T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn’t say)

1) All schools around the world have got the samerules. F

2) Students in England and Japan have to wear uniforms. T

3) In England, students can have a part-time job. DS

4) In Japan, students must tidy their classrooms at the end of each lesson. DS

14- What are the rules at your school? Make a list

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Sizin okulunuzdaki kurallar neler?Liste yapınız.


We must swit choff mobile phones during lessons.

We can’t leave school during lessons.

We mustn’t dye our hair or wear make-up.

15- Do the quiz and check your score. Can’t you sit still or are you lazy? Answer the questions to find out

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Kuizi yapın ve skorunuzu bulun.Tembel misiniz yoksa oturamıyor musunuz? Soruları cevaplayın.


1) Do you watch a lot of television everyday?

a) Not really. I prefer going out with my friends in the real world.

b) I sometimes watch TV, especially when the weather is bad.

c) I always watch TV. I can watch from morning until night.

2) How often do you make your bed?

a) I always make my bed. It doesn’t even take two minutes.

b) I sometimes make my bed, but sometimes mum does it for me.

c) I never make my bed. I think bed sare for sleeping in, no need to tidy.

3) Do you help around the house?

a) I usually clean my bedroom. I am neat and tidy.

b) I often help with small chores around the house if I have to.

c) I never help with cleaning. That’s what mum sand dads are the refor.

4) How often do you go shopping with your parents?

a) Always. b) I sometimes go. c) Never. I just hate it.

5) How many hours do you sleep a day?

a) I don’t sleep a lot. b) I sometimes get up late at weekends. c) I always sleep more than 8 hours.


Bütün A’lar 20 puan Bütün B’ler 10 puan Bütün C’ler 5 puan

0-25=Sen bir koltuk patatesisin! Tv’yi kapat ve eve biraz yardım et.

26-50=Sen arada bir koltuk patatesisin! Tembel değilsin ama koltukta uyuya kalma ihtimalin var.

51-100=Sen meşgul bir arısın. Nadiren oturuyorsun ve sürekli hareket halindesin. Aynen böyle devam!


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