8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 40-41-42-43-44

1- Below is a traveller’s diary for a travel magazine. Does the writer like Beijing? Read and find

Yes. The writer likes Beijing and would love to go there again

2- Read again and underline information in the text to help the tourists below

Rory : ‘I want to visit Beijing, but I don’t know when.’

The best time to visit is in lates pringanda utumn.

Fay : ‘I want to see the old part of the city’

If you want to experience the ‘Old Beijing’, a tour on a rick shaw is an excellent idea.

Philip : ‘I’d like to visit some of the sights of Beijing.’

There are many sights to see in Beijing, such as the well-known Forbidden City, one of the world’s largest palace complexes. There’s also a huge centrals quare called Tian’an men Square and the Temple of Heaven. The part of the Great Wall at tractsthousands of tourists.

Fred : ‘I want to experience Chinese eating habits.’

You mustn’t leave this amazing city with out exploring some of the pretty tea houses and Chinese restaurants. Another thing you can do is to enjoy a picnic in one of the parks.

3- Read again and find adjectives in the text which are similar in meaning to the adjectives below. More than one answer is possible

1) big huge

2) old ancient

3) famous attractive

4) great excellent/impressive

5) beautiful amazing

4- Complete the blanks with the words in the boxes

1) The Caribbean island sare a very popular holiday destination for tourists.

2) We went to the theatre last night. The play was amazing and the leading actor’s performance was excellent.

3) The tourists wanted to explore the island before they left.

4) Angelina Jolie is a well-known actress.

5) What do you do for entertainment in this town?

5- Look at the places of cultural interest below and write them for the correct description

1) You can see paintings there. art gallery

2) You can see experiments there. science centre

3) You can learn about ancient civilisations there. archeological site

4) You can see a play there. ancient theatre

5) You can learn about kings and queens there. palace

6) You can learn about historic battles there. fort

7) You can see dinasour bones there. natural history museum

8) You can see religious statues there. Temple

6- Complete the sentences with the weather words

1) We couldn’t go sailing because of the severe weather conditions. There was a terrible storm.

2) It was a very mild winter, and it didn’t snow once.

3) The weather is really undecided this summer. It’s sometimes sunny, but it rains quite a lot, too.

4) The spring is very rainy in Britain. That’s why it’s such a green country.

5) It’s very sunny here, but every thing’s wet. It’s really humid in the Amazon rain forest.

6) It’s nice during the day, but it’s cold in the evening. You have to put on a jacket.

7) It is very snowy in winter in the eastern region of Turkey, so schools are frequently closed.

7- Choose the correct responses

1) Do you want to go sight seeing?

a) I’m fine. b) Sure, why not?

2) Would you rather see the museum or the old town?

a) Sounds perfect to me. b) I’d quite enjoy the museum.

3) Would you prefer to go to the art gallery?

a) I’d rather not. b) No problem.

4) Do you fancy going to the science centre?

a) That’s not. b) I’m not very keen on science.

5) Do you fancy visiting the temple?

a) Sounds perfect to me. b) It looks great.

6) Would you prefer to visit the science centre?

a) I didn’t like it. b) I don’t like science much.

7) Would you rather visit the castle or the palace?

a) I’d quite like to go to the castle. b) Why not?

8) Do you want to go to the museum?

a) No, I’m not. b) I’m not very keen on history.

8- Complete the dialogue with: Where did you go? Where did you stay? How was your holiday? How was the weather? Did you buy many souvenirs?

A: Hi, John. 1) How was your holiday?

B: Wonderful, thank you.

A: 2) Where did you go?

B: I went to Ibiza in Spain.

A: 3) Where did you stay?

B: I stayed at a nice hotel next to the beach.

A: 4) How was the weather?

B: It was hot and suny.

A: 5) Did you buy many souvenirs?

B: Yes, I did. Here’s something for you!

9- Sarah is in Cairo. Look at the things to do in Cairo. Write questions and answers, as in the example

  1. Has Sarah visited the citadel yet?

Yes, she has already visited the citadel.

  1. Has Sarah explore the Pyramids of Giza?

Yes, she has already explored the Pyramids of Giza.

  1. Has Sarah visit the Egyptian Museum and see the mummies?

No, she has not visit the Egyptian Museum and see the mummies, yet.

  1. Has Sarah take a boat trip on the River Nile?

Yes, she has already taken a boat trip on the River Nile.

  1. Has Sarah walk around Helio polis?

No, she has not walk around Helio polis, yet.

  1. Has Sarah go shopping at Khan Al-Khalili?

No, she has not go shopping at Khan Al-Khalili, yet.

  1. Has Sarah go for a walk in Zamalek?

Yes, she has already göne for a walk in Zamalek.

  1. Has Sarah spend time in Islamic Cairo?

No, she has not spend time in Islamic Cairo, yet.

10- Read the email. Are the sentences T (true) or F (false)? Write T (for true) or F (for false)

  1. The weather isn’t very good in Sydney. T               3. Cindy hasn’t bought any souvenirs yet. F
  2. Cindy has already seen some kangaroos. F           4. Cindy enjoyed the boattrip. T

11- There are four things to do in Moscow. Read them. Imagine you are on holiday there. Choose two things that you have already done (✓) and two things that you haven’t done yet (x)

12- Write an email to a friend. Use the writing plan below

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Aşağıdaki planı kullanarak arkadaşınıza bir email yazın

__Paragraph 1: neredesiniz? Moscow. hava nasıl? soğuk ve buzlu, Paragraph 2: ne yaptınız? Paragraph 3: henüz ne yapmadınız? Paragraph 4 : ne zaman geri döneceksiniz?__

Paragraph 1: Where are you? (in Moscow) What’s the weather like? (coldan dicy)

Paragraph 2: What did you do?

Paragraph 3: What haven’t you done yet?

Paragraph 4: When are you coming back


Hi, Zeynep!

 I’m in Moscow. The weather is coldan dicy, so it is hard to be outside solong time. I visited the Kremlin Palace. It was so impressive. I haven’t walk around Red Square yet. That’s all fornow.

I am going to come back on Sunday.



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