8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 35-36-37-38

1- Read the letter. What is each paragraph about? Write the number of the paragraph (1-4) in the blanks

  • What have they done at the camp? Paragraph2
  • When is the writer going to get up? Paragraph4
  • Where is the writer? Paragraph1
  • What are they planning to do? Paragraph3

2- Read again. Complete Brian’s schedule. Then answer the questions

MONDAY horseriding

TUESDAY hiking

WEDNESDAY canoeing

THURSDAY mountain biking

FRIDAY sailing


1) Where is Brian?

 He is at the adventure camp.

2) Where is he staying?

He is staying in a small hut with five other boys.

3) What has he done so far?

He has done horse riding and hiking so far.

4) What is he planning to do?

He is planning to do canoeing, mountain biking and sailing.

3- Complete the sentences with the words below. One is extra

In countries with cold winters, people often go iceskating out side.

Italyand Switzerlan dare popular places to go skiing.

In baseball, players can pick up the balland throw it.

Rugby is a game for two teams of nine players.

Any place with lots of hills is good for mountain biking.

Caving is an exciting sport, but you have to be very careful.

You need strong ropes for rock climbing.

You fly throught heair when you go parachuting.

Sailing is an exciting water sport.

4 Underline the correct word

1) Tom wants to ride/drive a camel when he goes to Egypt.

2) I’ve always wanted to climb/fly over the city in a helicopter.

3) Sue has driven/sailed on a yacht twice.

4) George drove/rode a quad bike for the first time yesterday.

5) Yesterday, a boy jumped/wentout of a plane.

5- Choose the correct response

1) A: What do you think of rafting?

B: a) I don’t be lieve it.

b) I believe it’s enter taining.

2) A: Have you ever flown in a helicopter?

B: a) No, they haven’t.

b) Yes, I have.

3) A: Would you like to try ice climbing?

B: a) No way. It’s very dangerous.

b) Yes. I prefer mountain climbing.

4) A: What have you done so far?

B: a) We’ve gone kayaking.

b) We’ve done kayaking.

6 Look at the activities in Activity 3 and write your ideas about them. Use the words a musing, challenging, thrilling, difficult, fun, risky, amazing, etc.

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -aktivite 3’teki faaliyetlere bakarak onlar hakkında kendi düşüncelerinizi ‘a musing, challenging, thrilling, difficult, fun, risky, amazing ‘ kelimelerini kullanarak yazın.


I don’t want to try ice climbing because I think it’s toorisky. I’d prefer to try mountain climbing in stead.

I want to go sailing beacuse I love water sports. They are a musing.

I don’t want to try parachuting because I think it’s too difficult.

7- Read the dialogue and underline the correct phrases

Jasmine : Did you ever go/Have you ever been to Egypt, Tom?

Tom : Yes. I went/has been there last year.

Jasmine : What did you do/have you done there?

Tom : Lots of amazing things. We visited/We’ve visited the Pyramids, and we rode/we’ve ridden camels. Did you ever do/Have you ever done that?

Jasmine : No! But I’ve ridden/I rode an elephant. That was in India.

Tom : Really? When did you go/have you been to India?

Jasmine : Two years ago. The elephant ride was/has been a bit uncomfortable, but fun.

Tom : Yes, my camel ride was the same!

8- Imagine you are on an adventure holiday. Write a letter to your bestfriend. Think of some activities and use the notes below to help you

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!   -Bir macera tatilinde olduğunuzu hayal edin. En yakın arkadaşınıza mektup yazın. Yaptığınız aktiviteleri düşünün, notlarınızdan yardım alın



Guess where I am! I’m at the adventure camp. I came here last Monday and I’m having a fantastic time. I’m staying in a small tent.

So far I’ve tried hiking and I loved it. How ever, it was a hard to walks olong .

Tomorrow I am going to horse riding. Have you ever tried it? I’ve always wanted totry it, and I’m so excited.

That’s all for now. It’s late, and I am sleepy.

Take care,


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