8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 30-31-32-33

1- Read the interview between Professor Pamela Brown and Adam Smith, and find Professor Brown’s opinion about social networking sites: a, b or c?

a) Lots of people are addicted to social networking sites, but it’s a harmless hobby.

b) Some people spend too much time on social networking sites, but it isn’t a serious problem.

c) Some people are addicted to social networking sites, but it’s similar to the addiction to any other hobbies.

2- Read the interview again. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences

1) Professor Brown thinks that spending 30-40 hours a week on social networking sites is a serious addiction.

False. Professor think sit’s not an addiction.

2) Professor Brown thinks that social networking sites are as addictive as a hobby like collecting stamps.


3) Adam Smith believes that the online world is also thereal world.

False. Adam Smith believes that social networks are not real.

4) Professor Brown thinks that addiction to social networking sites isn’t a serious problem.

False.Professor Brown thinks that addiction to social networking is not common.

5) The Professor thinks that people should go online at night rather than during the day.

False. The Professor thinks that peoples hould set a time limit and stick to it.

3- a) Complete the text with the given words below

Miranda is a social networking site addict .She created her website about a year ago, and nowlogs on to the account every morning and evening. She often up loads photos of herself and her family, and chats with her friends or posts messages to them. ‘I like to up date my profile everyday’, says Miranda. Does Miranda have a problem? She doesn’t think so. ‘I don’t feel worried if I’m offline for one or two days. If I feel worried, I will deactivate my account’.

b) Are you a social network addict? Why/Why not? Write your ideas

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Siz sosyal ağ bağımlısı mısınız? Neden?/Neden değil? Fikirlerinizi yazınız.


I am not a social network addict. I use social networks rarely

I do not feel worried if I am offline

4-  Complete the sentences with these words/phrases. There is one word/phrase you do not need

1) It’s really easy to create a new email address.

2) I took lots of photos at the theme park. I’ll up load them to my blog to night.

3) I can’t log on to this website. It keeps blocking my password.

4) I’m going to deactivate my blog because I don’t have time to write any thing any more.

5) I’m going to posta message on my blog and see if any friends can help me organise my party.

5- Underline the correct words

1) The chat room is so boring! I’ve just deactivated/created my profile.

2) How can I upload/update these photos to my blog?

3) I’ve forgotten my password, so I can’t log on/post tomy email account.

4) Look! Jenny has created/deactivated an album so that we can look at her photos.

5) Kyle posted/logged his exam results on the social networking site. He’s such a show-off!

6) I wonder if Larry’s ill. He hasn’t up dated/created his blog forages.

6- Find twelve computer words in the word search. Circle and write them

1) keyboard

2) dim

3) log on

4) startup

5) web

6) off

7) mouse

8) crash

9) chatroom

10) save

11) lan

12) speaker

7.Write the words from the words earch in the lists

Parts of a Computer                        the Internet                                      using a computer

Mouse                                                              web                                                        startup

Speaker                                                            logon                                                     off

Lan                                                                   Chatroom                                            crash

keayboard                                                       Save                                                       Dim                                                                             


8.What do they use the Internet for? Add one mor eusage of the Internet. Then tick (✓) there lated boxes for each person below

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -İnterneti ne için kullanırlar? Bir kullanım şekli daha ekleyin. Arkadaşınız,kardeşiniz,babanız ve annenizin interneti ne için kullandıklarını tabloda işaretleyin


(/son görsel buraya koyulacak)

9- Write about the Internet habits for the people in Activity 8. Use “and”, “but”, “so” and “because” in your sentences, as in the example

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!   -Aktivite 8’deki kişilerin internet alışkanlıkları hakkında “but”, “so” ve “because” kelimelerini kullanarak yazınız.


My mother reads the news on the Internet because it’s easy and she can learn every thing happening around the world.

My friend plays online games on the Internet because it is fun.


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