8. Sınıf

8. sınıf  Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 18-19-20-21-22

1- Read the text on page 18. Then match the headings (1-4) with the paragraphs (A-D)

1) How We Help My Dad -B

2) My Father’s Job -A

3) My Dad’s Strange Recipes -D

4) How to Make Chocolate -C

2- Read the article again and answer Yes or No for each question

1) The writer’s father bought a farm in a hot country. YES

2) The cocoa beans go in a machine, and that machine dries them. NO

3) The family helps to cut the beans. YES

4) If you want white chocolate, you add a lot of milk. YES

5) Thewriter’s fat her sells chocolate icecream in London. NO

6) The writer’s father makes some unusual food with chocolate. YES

3- Answer these questions

1) Where do cocoa beans grow?

Cocoa beans grow in hot and rainy places.

2) What three things do you need to make chocolate?

You need cocoa beans, milk and sugar to make chocolate.

3) How do they make white chocolate?

You need to add lots of milk to make white chocolate.

4- How do they make chocolate? Complete the sentences with these words

1) First, you cut the beans from the tree.

2) Then you have to clean them.

3) Next, you roast them so that they have a good flav our.

4) A special machine press the beans into a liquid.

5) You then stir in milk and sugar to make chocolate.

5- Find eight words related to food preparation in the word search









6- Underline the correct words

1) Chop/Stir the carrots into small pieces.

2) Let’sslice/roast the chicken with potatoes.

3) Can you grill/boil some water for spaghetti?

4) Oh no! What a horrible smell! The biscuit sare burned/grilled.

5) We’ll boil/fry the chips in oil.

6) Take this spoon and stir/slice the soup, please.

Could you slice/chop the bread so that I can make somes and wiches?

7- Complete the sentences with the words from the list below

1) I don’t like my coffee. It’s too sweet.

2) I’ll have the hot chicken wings. I love spicy food.

3) My chips are too salty. I can’t eat them.

4) I don’t eat a lot of fried food. It’s too fat tenning.

5) Ruth is on a diet, so sheeats a lot of fruit and vege tables.

6) “How would you like you reggs?” “boiled, please.”

7) Oh, no! The cake is in the oven. I think it’s burned

8- Match the problems with the advice

1) This soup is taste less. – C

2) I’m making a cake for the first time. – E

3) I don’t know. What do we need? -B

4) Marcel doesn’t like roasted chicken. -A

5) Oh no! The cake is burning. -D

9- Complete the dialogues. Choose from the options

1) This meat isn’t fresh.

a) You shouldn’t eat it.

2) How long do you roast the chicken?

b) For two hours

3) Do I need to chop the onions?

c) Yes, you need onions

4) Is the cake burned?

c) No, it’s fine.

10- a) Read the email and match the paragraphs to the headings

3) closing remarks

1) opening remarks and reason for writing

2) description of how to maket hedish

b) Answer the questions according to the email

1) Who is the mail from?

The mail is from Maria.

2) Who is it to?

It is to Hakan.

3) What is the dish?

The dish is moqueca.

4) Where is it popular?

It is popular in Brazil.

5) What do they need for this dish?.

They need fish, onions, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, garlic and herbs for this dish.

6) How do they cook it?

They chop the vege tables and fry them with garlic and herbs then add the fish and boile very things lowly for about five minutes.

7) How do they serve it?

They serve it with rice.

11- Write your reply to Maria’s e mail. Follow the plan below

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Maria’nın mailine cevap yazın.Planı takip edin;


Paragraf1: açılış,yazmanedeniniz,yemek ismi,

Paragraf2: yemek türü,içeriği,nasılyapıldığı,nasıl servis eidldiği,

Paragraf3: kapanış


Dear Maria,

Great to hear from you! So, you want to know about my favourite dish from my country. Well, it is called ‘kebap’, it’s a traditional dish and it’s very popular here in Turkey.

Kebap is a spicy meat dish with meat, onions, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, garlic and herbs. It’s not easy to make. First, we mince the meat and mix with garlic and herbs. Then we shape it as a roll and grill for 15-20 minutes. We usually servet hi srice, onion and tomatoes.This is a very tasty dish. I hope you can try it one day!

How about you! Do you have a favourite dish from your country?

Write soon,


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