8. Sınıf

8. sınıf Tutku Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma kitabı cevapları , sayfa 13 , 14  , 15 , 16

1- Read the dialogue and choose the correct options

1) What is Sarah’s favourite kind of music?

a) rock b) folk c) country d) classical e) jazz

2) How oftendoes Meltem go to concerts?

a) once a day b) always c) twice a week d) everymonth e) hardly ever

3) What does Meltem do on week nights?

a) She plays the piano. b) She listens to music at home.

c) She has music lessons. d) She goes to concerts. e) She visits her friend, Sema.

4) What do Sarah and Meltem have in common?

a) They enjoy shopping. b) Theyaregood at chess. c) Theylikeknitting.

d) They can sew. e) Theylovebakingcookies.

2- Match the two halves of the sentences to make a full sentence, as in the example

1) D- We start work at 9 in the morning and finish at 5 in the evening.

2) E- David catches the trainto work at 8 every morning.

3) F- Susan never goes to the cinema on week days.

4) A- I get home from school at 4 pm.

5) B- He usually goes shopping on Fridays.

6) H- Jill plays sports on Sundays.

7) C- The children have lunch at twelve thirty.

8) G- Carol does her homework in the evening.

3- Complete the paragraph with the phrases below, as in the example

Paul gets up at 7.00 every week day. He gets dressed and has breakfast. He leaves home at 8.00 and takes the bus to school. Paul starts school at 9.00. He has a lunch break at noon and then he hangsout with his friends in the school garden until about 1 in the afternoon. He has lessons until 15.00. Then he goes back home. He has a snack and he does his homework until about 6 in the evening. After that, he has dinner,and then he watches TV or plays video games until 23.00. Paul goes to bed at 23.30.

4- Answer the questions about Paul

1) What time does Paul get up?

He gets up at 7.00.

2) How does he go to school?

He goes to school by bus.

3) What time do his lessons start?

His lessons start at 9.00.

4) What time does he finish his homework?

He finishes his homework until about 6 in the evening.

5) What does he do after dinner?

He watches TV or plays video games after dinner.

5- Put the words in parantheses in the correct place, as in the example

1) Mary goes to the a musement park. (sometimes)

 Mary sometimes goes to the a musement park.

2) Taylor takes his school bag to school. (always)

Taylor always takes his school bag to school.

3) They eat lunch with friends. (often)

They of ten eat lunch with friends.

4) Rickand Stuart play cricket. (never).

Rickand Stuart never play cricket.

5) Sheila is late for work. (seldom).

Sheila is seldom late for work.

6- Put the conversations below in the correct order

Whic hone do you prefer Terry; travelling by car or travelling by plane?

I prefer travelling by plane to travelling by car.

Me, too. Travelling by plane is so fast.

It’s also lesstiring.

Tell me, Sharon. What kind of music do you prefer listening?

Well, I think I prefer listening to classical music.

Why do you prefer it?

It’s relaxing.

I see. I prefer rock music because I find it so energetic.

7- Read the questions below and tick (✓) the correct options for you

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Soruları okuyarak sizin için doğru olan şıkları işaretleyin.

How trendy are you?


8- Write sentences about yourself. Use the answers in Activity 7. Follow the example

Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız!  -Kendiniz hakkında cümleler yazın. Cevaplarınızda aktivite 7’deki örnekleri takip edin.


1) I sometimes go to the shopping centre.

2) I like fashion.

3) I often wear trendy clothes.

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