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7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 1. Yazılı Soruları ve Cevapları (I)


Name: Surname:                  Nu:         7/

A.Read and answer the questions. (5x2pts=10pts)
Mark is turning 13!Would you like to join his birthday party at Chico Restaurant?
At 3:30 pm,14th July
1. Whose birthday party is it?
2. What is the date of the party?
3. What time does it start?
4. Where is the party?
5. Is the party in the morning or in the afternoon?

B.Fill in the blanks with the words given. (6x1pt=6pts)

Candles-guest list-presents-party-cake-party hats
Hi!I’m Linsay.On my birthday I usually have big party.First,I prepare a (1)___________ and invite them to the (2)_______.My mum makes a delicious (3)__________.My brother buys some (4)__________ to wear and some(5)_________ to put on the cake.At the end of the day,people give a lot of(6)________.
C.Fill in the blanks with “A little/A Few/A lot of ” correctly. (6x1pt=6pts)
1) There is________ yoghurt in the kitchen.We can make some ayran.
2) I have ________ pencils.You can take one if you don’t have a pencil.
3) He is very rich.He has _________ money.
4) If you sleep _______,you will feel better.
5) I had _______ toys when I was a child.My room was full of toys.
6) I need _________ eggs to make a cake.

D. Write the dates. (3x3pts=9 pts)
1ST July, 1986=
15th April, 2000=
22nd September,2015=

E. Fill in the blanks in comparative form. (8x2pt=16pts)
1) I’m___________ Sue.(old)
2) The Amazon River is______________ the Nile River.(long)
3) Ivor y is ______________ silver.(expensive)
4) The flu is ____________ measles.(bad)
5) A cheetah is _____________ a rabbit.(fast)
6) The Sun is ___________ __ __the Moon.(far)
7) Rock music is ________________ __classical music.(noisy)
8) Emily is _________________________ her sister.(friendly)

F.Fill in the blanks with the words given: “ generous-slim-punctual-thoughtful-selfish-clumsy” (6x2pts=12pts)
1) He is not fat.He is _______
2) Tina is very kind and helpful.She likes helping people and cares about her friends.She is ________
3) My father always buys me presents and gives me some money every morning.He is very __________.
4) Tanya only thinks of herself and doesn’t help anyone.I think she is really___________.
5) My sister always breaks things at home.She is a _________ girl.
6) Onur never comes meetings on time and our boss gets angry with him.He isn’t __________

G.Circle the correct word in bold. (5x2pt=10pts)
1) Kangroos carry their babies in their mouths/pouches.
2) Cats have fins/whiskers.
3) Birds don’t have feather/fur.
4) Dinasours are extinct/endagered animals.
5) Snakes are insects/reptiles.

H)Choose the correct preposition(6x1pt=6pts)
1. Mona goes to the cinema in / on / at Saturdays.
2. Her little sister sleeps in / on/ at the afternoons.
3. You can visit the museum on / at / in Sundays.
4. I always get up at /on / in 6.30.
5. Owls fly in / on / at nights.
6. We were at a party on /at / x last night.

I) Put the words in correct order in PAST SIMPLE TENSE.(5x2pt=10pts)
1) he/go/to Adana/last week.
2) you/read/the book/?
3) I/see/ a dream/last night
4) We/not/eat/lunch/two hours ago.
5) When/you/write/the letter?

J) Fill in the blanks with the correct questions. (5x3pts=15pts)
How often –what-how many-how long-how often-where
1. __________ dogs are there in the garden? – Two.
2. __________ do they live? – In forests.
3._______________ is she at home? – because of her illness.
4. _________________ does she come? – Once a week.
5. _________________ is his name? – His name is Efe.
6. ________________ do they live? – For ten years.
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