6. Sınıf

6. Sınıf Ada Yayıncılık İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102 Cevapları

Sayfa 96 – Warm Up
Ali gets up at 7 o’clock. He has breakfast at 7.30. He goes to school at 8.00. He has lunch at 12.00. He goes to basketball court for training at 15.00. He comes back home at 16.30. He takes a shower at 17.00. He does his homework at 18.00. He has dinner at 19.00. He watches TV at 20.00. He reads a book at 21.00. And he goes to bed at 22.00.
Sayfa 97 – Aktivite 1

1 Answer these questions.

1. Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
2. His / Her name is …………………
Sayfa 97 – Aktivite 2

2 Read the dialogue and act it out. Then complete Jack’s note.

be responsible
be hardworking
don’t be rude
be nice to everyone
respect others’ rights
Sayfa 98 – Aktivite 3

3 Work with a friend. Ask and answer these questions.

1) A good class president should respect others’ rights and be kind. And also, he/she should be responsible.
2) A good class president shouldn’t be rude, irresponsible or insensitive.
Sayfa 98 – Aktivite 5

5 Listen to the conversation and choose the answer.

Cevap: A
Sayfa 98 – Aktivite 6

6 Listen to the conversation again and tick (✔) the sentences you hear.

Tick işareti konulacaklar:
Who is your candidate?
You must prepare posters and notices.
You should make a speech.
I prepared a poster.
Did you find a slogan?
Sayfa 99 – Aktivite 7

7 Listen to the conversation again and complete Jack’s poster and slogan.

talent shows, casual day, suggestion box
Vote Jack for reform. Vote Jack for action.
Sayfa 100 – Aktivite 9

9 Find and write a slogan.

Get ready to be a team.
There is no “I”, there is only “we”.
Vote for the best, don’t mind the rest!
Sayfa 101 – Aktivite 12
12 Read the dialogue and write True (T) or False (F). Then, act it out.
1. True 2. False 3. False 4. True 5. False
Sayfa 102 – Aktivite 14

14 Listen to the CD and put the pictures into the correct order.

Sırası ile; 1, 3, 2, 5, 4
Sayfa 102 – Aktivite 15

15 Listen to the CD again and match the sentences with the pictures in activity 14.

We have three candidates. – 1
Write your candidate’s name on a paper. – 2
Fold the paper. – 3
We have a ballot box. – 4
Put the paper into the ballot box. – 5
Sayfa 103 – Aktivite 16

16 Answer this question.

Jack is the new class president.
Sayfa 103 – Aktivite 17

17 Read about election in Jack’s class and correct the mistakes.

two – three
the board – a paper
Brad – Jack
2017 2018 6. Sınıf İngilizce 10. Ünite Dinleme Metinleri
Tapescript 1 (Sayfa 98)
Arthur : Hey Jack, come and join us. We are talking about the candidates for the class presidency.
Jack : Who is your candidate, Arthur?
Arthur : My candidate is Brad. Who is your candidate?
Jack : Err… Arthur. Jimmy. Err… I decided to be a candidate. I want to be the class president.
Jimmy : That’s great. Of course, you are our candidate. It’s very exciting. We must do something.
Jack : Can you help me? What can I do?
Arthur : You must prepare posters and notices. We help you. I can put up the poster on the walls.
Jimmy : You should find a slogan.
Arthur : You should make a speech to the classmates.
Jack : OK. OK. I prepared a poster. It’s here.
Arthur : Let me look. Vote Jack. And be ready for talent shows, casual day, suggestion box.
Jimmy : This poster is perfect. And what about slogan? Did you find a slogan?
Jack : Yes. Here is my slogan: Vote Jack for reform, Vote Jack for action.
Jimmy : That’s very good.
Arthur : Let’s put up the poster.
Tapescript 2 (Sayfa 102)
Teacher: Now, we are selecting our classroom president. We have three candidates. Our candidates worked hard. They prepared posters, they gave speeches. And now, it is election time. You know, election is very important. Voting in elections is a right in democracy. You should choose your candidate and vote.
Now, write your candidate’s name on a paper
Fold the paper.
We have a ballot box.
Put the paper into the ballot box.
OK. It finished. Everyone voted.
I counted the votes and now I’m announcing the result: Our new class president is Jack.
Congratulations Jack.


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