6. Sınıf

6. Sınıf Ada Yayıncılık İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 Cevapları

Sayfa 69 – Aktivite 1

1 Listen to the CD. Point and match.

Resimlerin yerlerine göre sırası ile:
Nurse, Architect, Engineer
Cook, Hairdresser, Teacher
Manager, Mechanic, Lawyer
Salesperson, Waiter, Traffic policeman
Sayfa 70 – Aktivite 2

2 Listen to the CD and try to find his or her job. Point to the picture. Tell your friends.

Picture 6. A cook
Picture 1. A teacher
Picture 3. A mechanic
Picture 5. A dentist
Picture 4. A hairdresser
Picture 2. A cleaner.
Sayfa 71 – Aktivite 3

3 Read the speech bubbles and match them with the pictures. Then write their jobs under the pictures.

Diyalogların yerlerine göre sırası ile : 3, 1, 4, 2
Resimlerin yerlerine göre: Science teacher, Nurse, Tailor, Waiter
Sayfa 72 – Aktivite 4

4 Tell your friends about people in your life.

A: What is your father’s job?
B: He is an engineer.
A: What does your mother do?
B: She is a waitress. She works in a café.
A: What does your father do?
B: He is a cook.
A: What is your aunt’s job?
B: She is a teacher.
A: What is your uncle’s job?
B: He is a hairdresser.
Sayfa 74 – Aktivite 7
7 Look at the picture. Try to guess the woman’s occupation. Then read the dialogue.
She is a saleswoman.
Sayfa 75 – Aktivite 8

8 Read the dialogue again, answer the questions.

1) She is a saleswoman.
2) Yes, she does.
3) She works on weekdays.
4) Yes, she does. She is a singer.
5) Yes, she does.
6) Singing is more enjoyable for her.
Sayfa 75 – Aktivite 9

9 Describe Mrs Watson’s daily routines and occupation.

She is a saleswoman.
She works in a department store on weekdays.
She helps customers to wear.
She sings at a cafe at weekends.
Sayfa 76 – Aktivite 10

10 Listen to Tom and choose the correct options

Sağdaki resimler seçilecek.
Sayfa 76 – Aktivite 11

11 Say these years.

1923 : Nineteen twenty three.
1996 : Nineteen ninety six.
2000 : Two thousand.
2009 : Two thousand (and) nine.
Sayfa 77 – Aktivite 12

12 Look at the sample dialogue. And work in pairs. Ask and answer as in the example.

A : When did you become a doctor?
B : I became a doctor in 2002.
A : When did you become an engineer?
B : I became an engineer in 1989.
A : When did you become an architect?
B : I became an architect in 2005.
A : When did you become a lawyer?
B : I became a lawyer in 2010.
2017 2018 6. Sınıf İngilizce 7. Ünite Dinleme Metinleri
Tapescript 1 (Sayfa 69)
Nurse, nurse
Architect, architect
Engineer, engineer
Cook, cook
Hairdresser, hairdresser
Teacher, teacher
Manager, manager
Mechanic, mechanic
Lawyer, lawyer
Salesperson, salesperson
Waiter, waiter
Traffic policeman, traffic policeman
Tapescript 2 (Sayfa 70)
Man : I work in the kitchen of a restaurant or a hotel. I cook the food. I can prepare delicious meals.
Woman : I work in a school and teach students. I work from Monday to Friday. I go to work on weekdays. I don’t go to work at weekends.
Man : I work in a garage. I can repair your cars.
Woman : I work in my clinic. I check your teeth and I can pull out your teeth, if it is necessary.
Woman : I work in my saloon. I like my job very much. I cut or comb your hair. I never work on Sundays. I stay at home and rest on Sundays.
Man : I clean schools, banks or hospitals. I can vacuum or dust. I like cleaning.
Tapescript 3 (Sayfa76)
Hello, I’m Tom. I’m an architect. I became an architect in 2002. I like designing buildings. I work on weekdays from 9.00 o’clock to 7.00 o’clock. I sometimes work on Saturday mornings. I never work on Sundays. On Sundays I spend my time for my hobbies. I like fishing and cycling. I go to the countryside and take photos. I think my job is amazing.


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