5. Sınıf

5. Sınıf İngilizce Meb Yayınları Ders Kitabı Sayfa 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164 Cevapları

Sayfa 158 – Aktivite 1 – a

1. a) Answer the questions.

Children’s Day is on the 23rd April. Youth and Sports Day is on the 19th May. Victory Day is on the 30th August and Republic Day is on the 29th of October.
Children’s Day is my favourite because we have lots of fun.
Sayfa 158 – Aktivite 1 – b

b) Match the activities with the pictures.

1. e  2. i  3. c  4. a  5. h  6. d  7. b  8. g  9. f
Sayfa 159 – Aktivite 2 – a

2. a) Read the email. What is it about?

Children’s Day
Sayfa 159 – Aktivite 2 – b

b) Read the sentences and write True or False. Correct them if they are false.

1. False – It is on the 23rd of April
2. True
3. False – They stay at their homes.
4. True
5. False – They watch firework shows in the evenings.
Sayfa 160 – Aktivite 3 – a

3.a) What is the text about? Read and choose the correct picture.

Ortadaki resim – Chinese New Year
Sayfa 160 – Aktivite 3 – b

b) Read the text again and tick the activities people doon Chinese New Year. 

Tick işareti konulacaklar sırası ile : 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
Sayfa 161 – Aktivite 3 – c

c) Read the text again and answer the questions.

1. No, we don’t.
2. They celebrate it in China.
3. They visit their relatives.
4. They decorate their houses with red paper-cuts.
5. They have fireworks at nights.
Sayfa 161 – Aktivite 4

4. Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct words

The Independence Day
Sayfa 162 – Aktivite 5

5. Look at the pictures. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the pictures.

A: Is Ezgi cleaning the classroom?
B: No, she isn’t.
A: What is she doing?
B: She is decorating the classroom with a Turkish flag.
A: Is Mert acting?
B: No, he isn’t.
A: What is he doing?
B: He is reading a poem.
A: Is Chan acting?
B: No, she isn’t.
A: What is she doing?
B: She is wearing a lion costume.
A: Is Arda visiting his relatives?
B: Yes, he is.
A: What is he doing?
B: He is kissing his grandpa’s hand.
A: Is Fatma making a cake?
B: No, she isn’t.
A: What is she doing?
B: She is making mantı.
Sayfa 163 – Aktivite 6

6. Look at the picture and complete the sentences.

1. four hundred and thirteen.
2. five hundred and forty-nine.
3. one hundred and sixty-seven.
Sayfa 163 – Aktivite 7

7. Listen to the recording and write the numbers.

Resimlerin konumuna göre:
218 559
447 362
125 324
Sayfa 164 – Aktivite 8

8. Write one more word beginning with the letters below.

Candle, Decorate, Village, Parade, Firework
Soldier, Envelope, Republic Day, Beverage
Sayfa 164 – Aktivite 9

9. Match the festivals and the dates.

1. 30th August
2. 23rd April
3. 19th May
4. 29th October

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