5. Sınıf

5. Sınıf İngilizce Meb Yayınları Ders Kitabı Sayfa 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 Cevapları

Sayfa 126 – Aktivite 1

1. Answer the questions.

Yes, I do.
I like hiking and swimming.
Sayfa 126 – Aktivite 2 – a

2. a) Match the activities with the pictures.

1. f 2. g  3. i  4. e  5. h  6. b  7. d  8. c  9. a
Sayfa 126 – Aktivite 2 – b

b) Complete the table with the activities you like or dislike and talk about them.

Likes: hiking, jogging, swimming, camping
Dislikes: cycling, fishing, horse riding, ice skating
I like hiking, jogging, swimming and camping, but I dislike cycling, fishing, horse riding or ice skating.
Sayfa 128 – Aktivite 4

4. Read the picture story. Which activities are the people talking about?

They are talking about jogging, ice skating and table tennis.
Sayfa 129 – Aktivite 5 – a

5. a) Listen to the dialogues and put a tick if they accept and a cross if they refuse.

Jack: X
Pelin: X
Fatih: √
Sayfa 129 – Aktivite 5 – b

b) Listen to the dialogues again and complete the sentences.

1. Jack  2. Fatih  3. Pelin  4. Fatih  5. Pelin
Sayfa 130 – Aktivite 6

6. Read the dialogue and make a similar one with the activities below. Would you accept or refuse the suggestions?

A: Would you like to swim in the evening?
B: Sorry. Can you repeat that, please?
A: How about swimming in the evening?
B: For sure. It is my favourite. Let’s stop running and go to the swimming pool now.
A: That would be great.
Sayfa 131 – Aktivite 7 – a

7. a) Read the dialogues and put the sentences into the correct places.

1. How about swimming in the pool?
2. Which sports do you like?
3. Sorry, not now. / Would you like to come with me?
4. Let’s go horse riding, then. / I’m afraid. I can’t.
Sayfa 132 – Aktivite 8 – a

8. a) Look at the poster and complete the chart.

Name of the camp: Spring Sports Camp
Date: 5th – 9th May
Activities: Rack Climbing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Running, Flying Kites
Sayfa 132 – Aktivite 8 – b

b) Read the dialogue and make a dialogue about the activities above

A: Can we go rock climbing on the fifth of May?
B: I’m afraid I can’t. It is dangerous.
A: Let’s go horse riding on the seventh of May.
B: Great it is my favourite.
A: Would you like to run on the 8th of May?
B: Sounds boring. I don’t like running.
A: Why don’t we fly our kites on the ninth of May?
B: Sounds great.
Sayfa 133 – Aktivite 9

9. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the pictures.

A: Can Bruce swim?
B: No, he can’t.
A: Can he ice skate?
B: Yes he can.
A: Can Helen do gymnastics?
B: Yes she can.
A: Can she play volleyball?
B: No, she can’t.
A: Can Hasan lift weight?
B: No, he can’t.
A: Can he ski?
B: Yes he can.
A: Can Bart run?
B: Yes he can.
A: Can he play table tennis?
B: No, he can’t.
Sayfa 134 – Aktivite 10

10. Find the missing letters.

1. cycling
2. weightlifting
3. skateboarding
4. camping
5. trekking


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